21 December 2004

Dear Mr Wesselius,

I write in response to your various recent publications about lobbyists in Brussels.

I understand that the objective of your campaign is to secure greater transparency rules for lobbyists in Brussels. For the record, we have no objection to registration of lobbyists as currently occurs in Washington.

However, your references to Burson-Marsteller and our clients contain many factual errors. Your choice not to undertake simple internet research is the reason that it took you "considerable research effort" to discover that BSEF was the trade association for the Bromine Industry - something clear to anyone who took the trouble to visit BSEF's website! As another obvious example, I - not David Earnshaw - have run Burson-Marsteller in Brussels for the past 5 years, Our website clearly states this and my name has appeared in every advertisement we have run since I moved to Belgium.

In the interests of transparency, I would be happy for you to post this letter on your website.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Galbraith
CEO, Burson-Marsteller Brussels

Corporate Europe Observatory's response.