Keidanren, the most representative Japanese business coalition with over 1000 members (including Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Sony, Sakura Bank and Nippon Steel Corporation), has also been active pushing for the MAI. As Japan and South Korea are the only Asian OECD members, Keidanren's main goal is to sign as many developing countries as possible on to the MAI. Thus, while urging that the MAI remain a high standard agreement, it recommends flexibility to facilitate the membership of non-OECD countries. In addition, Keidanren has joined forces with UNICE to encourage the creation of a multilateral framework on investment at the WTO89 and simultaneously urges investment liberalization through bilateral and regional agreements such as APEC.

Although generally pleased with MAI developments, Keidanren is disappointed that two of its main objectives -- taxation and key personnel (which allows special privileges for corporate staff) -- have been carved out of the agreement. The Japanese lobby group is also trying to reduce general exemptions to the bare minimum, for instance strongly opposing REIO (Regional Economic Integration Organization) clauses such as the one proposed for EU members and rejecting extra-territoriality (such as the US Helms-Burton act that punishes corporations active in Cuba), yet preferring that all sub-national levels of governments be fully bound by MAI. Though less aggressively than its US partners, Keidanren worries that additional labour and environmental regulations would prevent non-OECD members from signing on to the MAI.90

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