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Europe Inc.

The latest CEO book published by Pluto Press, "Europe Inc. - Regional and Global Restructuring and the Rise of Corporate Power", is now also available in French (Agone Éditeur) and Danish (Klimt). Translations into German, Swedish, and Portuguese are also underway.

CEO on the Web

Readers of the Corporate Europe Observer, may not be aware of our website at http://www.xs4all.nl/~ceo where back issues of the Observer, other articles, factsheets, briefings, and links to other great resources can also be found. Some materials only appear on the web, such as our reports on EU-Japan trade relations and the influential role that large TNCs from both parties play.

EU- Japan Trade Monitor

The "EU-Japan Trade Monitor" project investigates ongoing trade talks between the EU and Japan, both the negotiations on mutual deregulation and the joint agenda for negotiations within the World Trade Organisation, in an effort to raise awareness about the environmental and social impacts of these policies. It seeks to strengthen campaigns against the proposed WTO Millennium Round, as well as challenge the role that the EU-Japan Business Dialogue Roundtable (EJBDR) plays in driving the EU-Japan economic and political agenda. For more information, contact CEO, or visit our website at http://www.xs4all.nl/~ceo

New Briefing on Climate Change

A new CEO briefing revealing industry influence in global climate change negotiations will soon be published. The report will provide the latest information on corporate ambitions for the upcoming COP-6 meeting taking place in the Hague, Netherlands this November. It will also take a critical look at the main solutions being discussed, including market-based "flexible mechanisms", and other formulas designed to develop an industry-friendly framework at the expense of effective strategies for solving the global climate change crisis.

Climate Justice Summit

CEO is also co-organising a Climate Justice Summit which will take place on the 19-20 November in the Hague, parallel to the UN conference. The Summit seeks to give a voice to those most directly affected from climate change, particularly people from the South, who are structurally and politically marginalised by the official process. For more information about the Climate Justice Summit, please contact the CEO office.

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