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The magazine Nexus has, in its latest issue, reprinted our report "WTO Millennium Bug: TNC Control over Global Trade Politics" (July 1999), despite the fact that CEO explicitly refused Nexus permission to do so. The editorial of the magazine mentions our rejection and ends with a provoking "so here it is, but without their blessing!" In the Spring of 1998, after Nexus had reprinted our report "MAIgalomania" we discovered the problematic character of this magazine. We found "MAIgalomania" next to articles on UFOs and dubious conspiracy theories and decided not to allow them to reprint our material in the future.

Nexus -- published monthly from Australia, distributed worldwide -- covers "the fields of health alternatives; suppressed science; Earth's ancient past; UFOs & the unexplained; and government cover-ups." [1] Articles with titles like "Mind Control Slavery and the New World Order", "Meetings With Remarkable Aliens" and "UK Crop Circles of 1999" are illustrative for the content of Nexus. More seriously is the fact that the magazine has repeatedly printed texts by authors belonging to the far right, which has resulted in Nexus being listed in the Tel Aviv University archive of anti-Semitic literature. [2] Its website has links to the homepages of the controversial new age icon David Icke as well as to websites with telling titles like "The Ashes of Waco" and "The Militia of Montana".

When Nexus wrote us to ask if they could reprint our WTO report, we explained them that we disagree with Nexus "promoting a vision of a world governed by conspiracies, publishing any story that fits the image of shady, secretive political, religious and even extraterrestrial (?) groups pursuing terrible scenarios." [3] We told the editor that "both in target group and in our political goals, we see no basis for cooperation with NEXUS magazine." Nexus wrote back saying that they "simply publish unusual and hard to get information" and that they would publish the article anyway.

We have done our best, but in vain, to explain the editors of Nexus that our reports on the MAI and the WTO are not describing conspiracies, but examples of undemocratic international treaty making. We explicitly distance ourselves from conspiracy theories, as these completely miss the point. The power of corporations is not based on secretive dealings. Most of the information we use is freely and easily accessible, often also through the internet. Journalists could dive into these issues and get the information without any serious obstacles. When news featuring examples of corporate political power are not mainstream news, this is due to the reality of corporate mass media today, not because of conspiracies.


1. According to the Nexus website. | Back to Text |

2. In the Tel Aviv University report "Anti-Semitism Worldwide 1997/8", Nexus is listed for printing anti-Semitic texts. | Back to Text |

3. Letter to Duncan Roads, Nexus editor, 21 October 1999. | Back to Text |


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