Burson-Marsteller CEO comments on Lobby Planet Guide

In a letter to Corporate Europe Observatory, Jeremy Galbraith, chief executive officer of the Burson-Marsteller office in Brussels, claims that the references to his company and its clients in the Lobby Planet Guide "contain many factual errors".

The information in the guidebook is well-documented, but we are obviously happy to correct any misunderstandings that may have occurred, so we have asked Mr. Galbraith to be more specific. In the Lobby Planet we wrote that David Earnshaw leads the Burson-Marsteller office in Brussels, but Mr. Galbraith points out that Earnshaw is only "managing director", while he himself is the CEO. Obviously, this will be corrected in the next edition of the Lobby Planet.

Remarkably, in his letter Mr. Galbraith notes that Burson-Marsteller "has no objection to registration of lobbyists as currently occurs in Washington".