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The European Commission’s Hall of Shame

Welcome to the European Commission’s Hall of Shame  [pdf file for printing]

Cancún Collapse: Pascal Lamy must resign
Corporate Europe Observatory press release -- 15 September 2003

In stark contrast to its proclaimed ‘development agenda’, the European Commission aggressively confronted developing countries in WTO talks.

What’s at Stake in Cancún  [pdf file for printing]

Lamy: Biotech’s man behind enemy lines?  [pdf file for printing]

WTO Ministerials: a playground for EC power politics  [pdf file for printing]

Dubious dialogue  [pdf file for printing]

Servicing big business  [pdf file for printing]

The EC’s water war  [pdf file for printing]

The EC and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI):
Shameless Corporate Bias
  [pdf file for printing]

Distorting reality - the EC’s misleading rhetoric  [pdf file for printing]

The corruption of sustainable development  [pdf file for printing]

Transatlantic travesty  [pdf file for printing]

The EC’s push for a WTO-Investment agreement  [pdf file for printing]