The lobbying labyrinth
interactive map of the EU quarter in Brussels

Guided tours and further reading

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) invites you to join one of our guided tours through Brussels, the corporate lobbying capital of Europe. The two-hour tour introduces you to the headquarters of industry lobby groups, think-tanks, public relations firms and other key players in EU-level corporate politics, all located conveniently close to the corridors of power.

The next tour will take place on Friday July 14th 2006. If you would like to join the tour, send an email with your name and contact details to: ceo@corporateeurope.org

In additional to the regular tours announced on this website, we are open to (within our capacity) host tours for specific interested groups. Contact us if you would like to discuss this possibility.

The map of the EU quarter (on the right) includes a selection of the most influential corporate players as well as the main EU institutions. The clickable icons on the map lead you to recommended further reading.

Or you can print the map and do a self-guided tour.

The 'Lobby Planet' guide to Brussels

The 24-page 'Lobby Planet' guidebook offers a unique overview of the growing political influence exercised by large corporations, PR firms, think-tanks and industry groups, operating from offices around the European Union institutions.
The guide is available online. To order print copies (5 euro per copy, including postage), send an email with your name and postal address to: ceo@corporateeurope.org

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