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AFL-CIO - American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations

AOSIS - Association of Small Island States

API - American Petroleum Institute

BIAC - Business and Industry Advisory Council

BP - British Petroleum BRT - Business Roundtable

CEFIC - Council of European Chemical Industry Associations

CEO - Chief Executive Officer or Corporate Europe Observatory

CEPS - Center for European Policy Studies CDM - Clean Development Mechanism

COP - Conference of the Parties

EDF - Environmental Defense Fund (Now known as Environmental Defense)

ENS - European Nuclear Society

EMA - Emissions Marketing Association

ERT - European Roundtable of Industrialists

EU - European Union

GCC - Global Climate Coalition

GCIP - Global Climate Information Project

GDP - Gross Domestic Product

GE - Genetic Engineering

CNE - Climate Network Europe

GHG - Greenhouse Gas

G-77 - Group of 133 Southern countries

ICC - International Chamber of Commerce

ICCP - International Climate Change Partnership

ICE - Information Council on the Environment

IEEP - Institute for European Environmental Policies

IETA - International Emissions Trading Association

IMF - International Monetary Fund

IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

IPIECA - International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association

JI - Joint Implementation MAI - Multilateral Agreement on Investment

MEP - Member of the European Parliament

NGO - Non-Governmental Organisation

OECD - Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

OPEC - Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries

PR - Public Relations

SB - Subsidiary Body

TABD - Transatlantic Business Dialogue

TENs - Trans-European Networks

TNC - Transnational Corporation

UK - United Kingdom

UN - United Nations

UNCED - United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNDP - United Nations Development Programme

UNFCCC - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

UNICE - Union of Industrial and Employers' Confederations of Europe

UNRISD - United Nations Research Institute for Social Development

US - United States

USCIB - Unites States Council for International Business

WBCSD - World Business Council for Sustainable Development

WTO - World Trade Organisation

WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature

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